Zany Wario and His Crazy Minigames Return in Game & Wario for the Wii U

By Allisa James

May 2, 2013

Nintendo has announced several new minigames–and some new release dates–for the latest in its popular minigame mash-up series, Game & Wario. Game & Wario was released in Japan on March 28th, and will head for North America on June 23rd and for Europe on June 28th.

There are two main modes in Game & Wario–single player and multiplayer–each with its own host of games to play. For single player:

  • CAMERA– frame and snap photos of escaped criminals with the gamepad.
  • GAMER– as 9-Volt (a little kid sent to bed), play microgames on the gamepad and go for a high score while keeping an eye out for his mother on the television screen.
  • Chick-N-Win– a mode that chooses from over 200 types of weird and fun toys, showcasing different things that can be done with the gamepad.

The multiplayer mode, which has four games, include:

  • DISCO– players each hold one end of the gamepad and create moves by rhythmically tapping the touch screen in three places. The other player must then replicate the movements but for every fowl-up, the opponent receives points.
  • FRUIT– up to five players can play; one player becomes a fruit thief  by using the gamepad to work in secret and the other players must use the TV screen to observe and find out who the true culprit is.
  • ARTWORK– up to five players compete in a sketching contest to see who can draw and guess drawings the fastest, with one player drawing and the others guessing what word it is. It has a Miiverse version called ARTWORK Miiverse, in which you select and draw a one-word prompt in 60 seconds and then showcase your drawings to Miiverse.

As a big fan of the Warioware series, I’m very excited to see how well Game & Wario takes advantage of the Wii U–but not surprised of course. The series has always been known for creating unique experiences on each console while retaining its overall charm and spirit.

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