Zazzle Adds Three New Shops to its Capcom Store. Do You Object?

Zazzle Adds Three New Shops to its Capcom Store. Do You Object?

One of the ballsiest moves I ever pulled on a date was unzipping my hoodie in a very over-the-top fashion to reveal a Spider-Man shirt when I took my not-yet-then lady on my rooftop to watch the sun set. She said something about the way we got up there being very Spider-Man-ish or something. Anyway, I couldn’t help but think, “What if I could the same in a courtroom with an ‘Objection!’ shirt?”

Seems that’s entirely possible.

Internet nerdry shop Zazzle has just opened three new stores in its Capcom sectionStreet Fighter, Mega Man and Ace Attorney. These three new shops feature prints from each series. Some are on shirts, others on mugs and there are a few prints you can buy just to hang up on your wall, including the Mega Man/Abbey Road mashup you see above.

And it’s not just shirts and mugs, either. There’s a these Super Street Fighter II Turbo shoes, for one. And I’m highly tempted to get the “Hold it!” Phoenix Wright shirt for Christmas. Now that I’m all grown up I have to be the voice of reason when the children rush toward the presents prematurely.

There are also iPhone cases for those of you who didn’t have your 4 stolen this summer. I’m not sour about it or anything.