Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Announces More Tour Dates, None in the Northeast

on January 5, 2012 9:45 AM

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary concert series is coming to a concert hall near you… if you live anywhere between Texas and California in the continental United States and Canada. The full-length four-part symphony, performed by a full orchestra, features music from all twenty-five years of the series’ history. Those of you who bought the Skyward Sword bundle pack have already been privy to sampling of the symphony’s might, and gosh is it gorgeous.

So if you’re in Vancouver on March 14 or Atlanta on May 12, you may want to snag some tickets. As for us Zelda fans east of Texas, we’ll just be right here. Pouting.

Check out the full list of concert tours after the cut.

  • January 10 – Dallas, TX
  • March 14 – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • March 26 – Seattle, WA
  • March 28 – San Francisco, CA
  • April 7 – Denver, CO
  • April 20, 21 – Phoenix, AZ
  • May 12 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 31 – Montreal, Quebec
  • June 22 – Austin, TX
  • July 14  – Orlando, FL
  • Sept 29 – Toronto, Ontario
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