This Legend of Zelda Fan Art Will Make You Go Replay Wind Waker

This Legend of Zelda Fan Art Will Make You Go Replay Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda fan art is always a sight to behold. This recent Wind Waker piece harkens back to old school Star Wars posters.

Unfortunately, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker isn’t on the Nintendo Switch just yet. This means all of us fans have to keep that Wii U connected if we want to hop back in. However, one fan took a break from their latest playthrough to put together some exceptional Legend of Zelda fan art. This piece comes in on Reddit from user amber440. Give it a look below.

While I wait for Wind Waker to get ported to the Switch…I’ll make fan art instead. from gaming

As you can see, this piece of Legend of Zelda fan art does a lot to capture the entirety of the game. It includes all the major characters in one colorful image. It reminds me a ton of those old-school Star Wars posters with all the characters mashed together for a striking photo. While this piece is obviously much brighter and more cheerful, it perfectly harkens back to those old movie posters.

Of course, this is far from the only piece of Zelda fan art we’ve seen over the last few years. I mean, it is one of the most popular game franchises of all time. Fans of all kinds are constantly pumping out awesome content. Recently we’ve seen cardboard Link, a mod that turns Breath of the Wild into a Super Mario 64 level, and so much more. It truly is a treasure trove for fans to flex their creative muscles and show their love in new and exciting ways.

Unfortunately, none of that means we’re any closer to getting The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, that day is coming sooner rather than later.