Link's Awakening Trade Quest: How to Get the Magnifying Glass

Having trouble find those dang Bananas? Or maybe that elusive Necklace? This Link's Awakening trade quest guide has you covered.

As you progress through the latest big Nintendo Switch release, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you will begin to realize that your progression may come to a screeching halt with no idea how to go further. That is because there is a mandatory trading route you must adhere to in order to inevitably wake the Wind Fish. The Link’s Awakening Trade Quest can be seen below.

WARNING: This guide may contain spoilers for a 26-year-old video game.

Link’s Awakening Trade Quest: How to get each item and where to trade them

It is understandable if you don’t come across these items naturally. You wouldn’t if you aren’t exploring every nook and cranny and talking to all of the residents of Koholint Island. And if you did come across these items, the game doesn’t put any emphasis on them making this whole trading quest seem optional. The Link’s Awakening trade quest is actually required to reach specific areas on the map. This route begins with a doll of a very familiar green dinosaur.

Yoshi Doll

The Yoshi Doll can be found in Mabe Village, the starting area of Link’s Awakening. You can head over to the Trendy Game at the East part of the village and play the claw game to earn it. It will cost a few rupees, but it shouldn’t take you too many tries to win the prize.


When you’ve won the Yoshi doll, you will take this to the Northernmost house in Mabe Village. It is the only house with two entryways to the same room. You’ll speak to Mamasha, the mother carrying the baby, and give her the Yoshi Doll. In return, she will give you the Ribbon.

Dog Food

After visiting Mamasha, you’ll head to the house next door to Tarin and Marin’s place. You can’t miss it since it’s the one with the BowWow chained to the post. There are two entryways, one leading into the main house, the other into what looks like a storage area that baby BowWows hang out in. There is a small BowWow named CiaoCiao that will take the Ribbon and in return, give you Dog Food.


Once you’ve retrieved the Dog Food, visit the small house to the South in Toronbo Shores; it is next to the palm tree with the monkey throwing coconuts. Inside you’ll find Sale, a blue crocodile (or alligator, I don’t really know) that loves canned food. He is very interested in your canned Dog Food, and in exchange, gives you a bundle of Bananas.


In order to get to the third dungeon, you need to access Kanalet Castle. There are hints at a secret entryway, but no matter how much of the surrounding area you explore, you’ll never be able to access it. That’s because Kiki is the key. Kiki the Monkey can be found just East of the entrance of the castle. Giving Kiki the Bananas will summon Kiki’s monkey pals to help make a bridge, as well as give you a Stick.


After receiving the Stick, you can head over to Ukuku Prairie, which is just East of Mabe Village. There, you will find Tarin next to a tree with a Honeycomb hanging off of it. Giving Tarin the Stick, he will knock the Honeycomb down and get attacked by bees, running away in a real hurry. However, you will receive the Honeycomb for his sacrifice. Bless Tarin.


The next stop is Animal Village, found in the Southeast portion of the map. Here, you will find Chef Bear. It just so happens they are looking for a Honeycomb. Give them the Honeycomb to receive the Pineapple.


Now it’s time to head up North to Tal Tal Heights. As you traverse through the many caves, you’ll find Paphal who askes for “vittles” which basically means food. No, the Bananas do not work in this instance. You’ll hand the Pineapple to quench Paphal’s hunger and in return will receive the Hibiscus.


I know you were just there, but it’s time to head back over to Animal Village. Here, you will find Christine, a goat who has a Letter for a Mr. Write. In exchange for the Hibiscus, you get to deliver this Letter to Mr. Write.


Mr. Write can be found west of the Goponga Swamp, the area you had to take the BowWow to so it can eat flowers and give you access to the second dungeon. Giving the Letter to Mr. Write will earn you the Broom. You will also see a strange photo of a very familiar Nintendo character.

Fish Hook

Grandma Ulrira, the old lady in the Southern part of Mabe Village, is one of the first characters you can encounter. This whole time, she has been looking for a Broom. However, she has moved from Mabe Village to Animal Village. You will have to, once again, make your way over to Animal Village and give Grandma Ulrira the Broom. This will get you the Fish Hook.


This is probably the puzzling portion of the bunch. You will need the ability to swim for this one. By now, you should have progressed through the story to have earned that ability.

There is a bridge in Martha’s Bay you can actually go under. There you will find a Fisherman on a boat without a Fish Hook. After giving the Fisherman the Fish Hook, he promises to give you his next catch. That next catch is the Necklace item.


If you explored near Catfish’s Maw, the fifth dungeon in Link’s Awakening, there is a mermaid just north of its entrance that wants the Necklace you just attained from the Fisherman. From the bridge where you met the Fisherman, just head North to the Catfish’s Maw entrance and you will find the Mermaid. Give her the Necklace and you will receive the Scale.

Magnifying Glass

The very last portion of the Link’s Awakening trading quest is bringing the Scale to the Mermaid Statue. Located south of Martha’s Bay, you simply place the Scale on the statue. This reveals a secret cave entrance which houses the Magnifying Glass! Why there is a Magnifying Glass hidden in a secret cave under a Mermaid Statue is beyond me. But yay, you did it!

Link’s Awakening Trade Quest: What does the Magnifying Glass do?

There are two things this Magnifying Glass does to aid you in your quest to wake the Wind Fish of Koholint Island. The first, you can now read the mysterious book found in the Mabe Village library in the Southern part of the village. There is also a cave in Toronbo Shores that looked empty but is now occupied by a shopkeeper thanks to the Magnifying Glass. Talking to this guy will get you the Boomerang in exchange for one of your items. If you, for some reason, have a special attachment to these items, don’t fret. You can buy back the item you trade for the Boomerang.

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