Zelda Writer Planned On Releasing Timeline

Zelda Writer Planned On Releasing Timeline

For years, Zelda fans have debated about possible connections between the all the different titles in the franchise. The internet has concocted everything from the split timeline theory, which was promptly rejected by Nintendo to Colin, the little farmboy in Twilight Princess , becoming Link’s successor and causing the flood of Hyrule.

As valid as some of these may seem, they are still speculation and have never been officially confirmed by Nintendo as canon. However, Dan Owsen, the English scriptwriter for A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening and Ocarina of Time, has said in an interview with Zelda Dungeon, a large fansite, that he had planned on releasing an official timeline:

“At one point we had drafted a timeline and wanted to make it available online. We showed it to the guys in Japan and they basically told us that it would be best if we didn’t post it. They do have a timeline that has continuity between the games but they wanted to keep it open for how each player views the chronology of the series.”

However, Owsen stated that Nintendo rejected the idea, as they believe that “it’s up to the player to place all the pieces together.”

What do you all think? Now that its existence is known, should Nintendo release the timeline, or is it irrelevant at this point? Should the franchise finally have official connections, or is fan speculation sufficient?

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