ZEN Pinball: Excalibur Now on PSN

ZEN Pinball: Excalibur Now on PSN


Today, ZEN Studios has released the Excalibur table expansion to the PSN downloadable title ZEN Pinball.  The Excalibur download will be the latest in the awesome variety of pinball machines already available. Excalibur will join the company of previous expansions such as Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, Earth Defense, and Street Fighter II.

The King Arthur themed expansion will cost a modest $2.49.

Excalibur features include:

  • Duel with other Knights of Camelot and try to retain the “King’s Champion” title as long as you can
  • Follow Merlin’s guidance to lock balls in his tower in order to start Magical Multiball
  • Relive the legends of Arthur, Lancelot, Perceval, and other Knights of the Round Table
  • Hit swinging targets to open the hidden path that leads to Morgana’s sorceress lair
  • Sneak into Mordred’s dungeon, or lead a full siege against his fortress
  • Joust against rival knights in the royal tournaments

Check out the video for the new table below.