Zen Studios Drops Plans for Performance-Improving Patch for Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch [UPDATE]

Zen Studios Drops Plans for Performance-Improving Patch for Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch [UPDATE]

Zen Studios is no longer developing a performance improving patch for Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch so they can focus on other projects.

While many companies are porting their titles to Nintendo Switch, due to the system’s slightly weaker nature, technical problems can arise in some games. This can severely impact the resolution and framerate of some titles, even to a detrimental point in games like RiME. While Pinball FX3 from Zen Studios on Nintendo Switch was far from a technical mess, it still had an unfavorable resolution in docked mode, and only runs in 30fps in handheld mode.


Shortly after the game’s Switch release back in December, Zen Studios responded to a fan on Twitter and confirmed that they were working on a patch to bring the framerate up to 60fps in handheld mode and a stable resolution of 1080p in handheld mode:

Unfortunately, this performance-improving patch has not been mentioned since, which led Reddit user megatorterra to email Zen Studios to ask about the state of it. In response, he got an email stating that plans for the Pinball FX3 patch have been canceled due to the fact that many of the game’s tables would have to be reworked from the ground up in order to get the patch to work, and the team would rather focus on other big projects. You can check out their full comment below:


“Your question is fair enough sadly since then the developer team realized the fact that we have to recreate every table from the bits to achieve this quality. Right now we have very limited resources and the team is focused on a few big projects so it’s not going be released. Sorry about this!”

While it is unfortunate that Zen Studios doesn’t plan on supporting the game via a patch on Nintendo Switch any longer, at least Pinball FX3 on Nintendo Switch isn’t as extremely hampered by these issues as some other titles. Pinball FX3 is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

UPDATE: Since this article was published, developer Zen Studios has taken to Reddit to officially comment on the patch’s cancellation. They claim to have made the announcement prematurely, as they did not anticipate the aforementioned technical problems they ran into. You can check out their full comment below:

Hey guys,

We might have been premature in the excitement surrounding the Switch release. We really think this is one of the best platforms to play the game, and wanted to make it to everyone’s liking. We have sat on this problem contemplating it for a long time, trying to find a good way to up the frames per your request.

We found that there was no ‘universal’ method to do this and each table would require a lot of separate work. This volumen we simply don’t have the bandwith for in the graphics and the QA department right now. We really do apologize for us being a bit slow to properly address this.

P.S.: Check out Son of Zeus though, we were able to better some of that tables problems in Cam 3-4