ZeniMax Media Sues Over VR Again, This Time Targeting Samsung

Parent company ZeniMax is really making their lawyers work. Only months after the trademark clash with indie studio No Matter Studios on their “Prey for the Gods” trademark, ZeniMax is putting themselves in US Courts again. The new target? Samsung.

The lawsuit (seen in full below) is an offshoot of ZeniMax previous legal beef with Oculus and Palmer Luckey which wrapped up three months ago. For those out of the loop, ZeniMax alleged that, among other things, Palmer Luckey misappropriated trade secrets, broke an NDA, and infringed on their copyright. In layman’s terms, Luckey stole ZeniMax’s VR tech/code and sold it as his own under the Oculus brand.

ZeniMax actually won that case — a hefty $500 million award with the jury finding for ZeniMax on all counts except misappropriating trade secrets.

However, this is all backdrop to the Samsung lawsuit. ZeniMax’s latest legal filings contend that Samsung knew, or had reason to know that they were using stolen or misappropriated technology at Oculus, that rightfully belongs to ZeniMax. Once again, in normal people talk: Samsung knew (or should have known) they were buying stolen technology from ZeniMax.

Samsung has been licensing Oculus’ property for some time, partnering with Oculus sometime in 2014. The by-product, Samsung Gear VR, proudly displays “Powered by Oculus” — also including other exclusive Oculus features.

Why would have Samsung known about this alleged infringement? According to ZeniMax, there were rumors about pending lawsuits and other litigation in major business publications and The New York Times.

However, these are just allegations so far from ZeniMax — keep tuned at DualShockers for Samsung’s response to Bethesda’s owners.

Zenimax v Samsung by Brian Crecente on Scribd

Lou Contaldi

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