Zenji Nishikawa: Next Week's Famitsu Magazine to Feature "Revolutionary" Scoop

Technical journalist Zenji Nishikawa reports his tech column in next week's Famitsu magazine, launching on June 4, will have "revolutionary" news on "a game maker everyone loves".

Technical Journalist Zenji Nishikawa mentioned during a live stream on May 26 that his column in next week’s Famitsu magazine includes “revolutionary” news, as big as “that Wired PS5 exclusive article”. This refers to the Wired article from October 2019 that first revealed spec details on PlayStation 5 simultaneously with Sony announcing the console for holiday 2020.

Zenji Nishikawa holds in Famitsu magazine a weekly column on hardware and software specs, titled “Game no Muzukashii Hanashii”, which can be translated to “Complicated Stuff About Games”. The latest released issue of Famitsu magazine, for example, includes his 293rd column. Where he speaks about Tempest Engine 3D audio in PS5, and Project Acoustics in Xbox Series X.

Starting around 02:07:00, Zenji Nishikawa mentioned how he’ll have a “super exclusive scoop” in his column in next week’s Famitsu, releasing on June 4, 2020. Nishikawa also said it’s a scoop regarding “a game maker that everyone loves”. Zenji Nishikawa added “It’s exclusive information from a certain company’s executives and technical staff”, and how “it’ll cause a storm in the game industry”. (Thanks to our Japanese peers at Game’s Talk and Esuteru for pointing it out.)

I personally believe this scoop will be really interesting, hence why I’m writing this story in the first place. But I don’t think it’ll be incredibly big either. As I don’t believe either Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega or anyone would make such a really huge announcement through a journalist’s column.

With that said, Zenji Nishikawa is pretty well known and is writing on multiple Japanese outlets besides Famitsu. So he doesn’t need to exaggerate things out to be popular and noticed. He already proved himself. I’m sure Famitsu, 4Gamer, ITMedia, and the many Japanese sites he writes for, pay him far more than what I make at DualShockers. Moreover, Famitsu is one of the biggest outlets of the world and regularly delivers exclusive information. In my opinion, the most likely scenario would be Nishikawa and Famitsu revealing some kind of huge, still unannounced feature included in either PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

In any case, we at DualShockers buy Famitsu magazine digitally nearly every week, so we’ll be sure to bring you a follow-up story on Zenji Nishikawa’s column on June 3rd. (As Famitsu will be out digitally at midnight on June 4th JST).

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