Zero Escape/Ace Attorney Inspired Exogenesis Hopes to Reach Kickstarter Goal and Revitalize Visual Novel Genre

on May 16, 2014 4:49 PM

Studio Kwan hopes to fill the gap in the visual novel and point-and-click adventure genres with their current project, Exogenesis. So far the game’s Kickstarter has raised $29,948 (over 90 percent of what it needs) and has six more days to reach its goal of $32,000. According to the studio, this project was inspired by fellow visual novel/adventure games Zero Escape and Ace Attorney.

The storyline follows Yudai Sayashi as he roams a post-apocalyptic Japan in 2069, searching for the Lazarus Protocol inside Noah’s Ark. This system is capable of recreating anything from the past, which Yu wants to use to bring back his sister who died when she accidentally triggered a trap during a treasure raid two years prior. But first Yu is tracking down the members of his old treasure hunting group, Durchhalten, so everyone can be there when Miho opens her eyes once again.

Gameplay is a mixture of old-style adventure games with visual novel aspects, and as such allows the player freedom in how they pursue Yu’s goals: either by taking the high road or lying and cheating. There’s a demo out as well (in German too!) that spans about three to four hours.

As a fan of this oft-overshadowed genre, I definitely approve — especially if it can take the bite off the long wait times for other similar titles like the Ace Attorney series. It seems that even Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi approves of this title, as seen in the tweet below:

Exogenesis has already been Greenlit on Steam (in just seven days no less) and the full game will release in Q4 2014. The trailer and screenshots can be viewed below, and if you’re interested in supporting the title, go here to contribute.

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