Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai Officially Announced on PS4

Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai on PS4 are based on the Evolution PS Vita ports, meaning they're fully voiced. Graphics have been upgraded to HD, will include speed boost mode from Trails of Cold Steel: Kai.

December 18, 2019

Falcom, at its shareholders’ meeting on December 18, has officially announced Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai for PlayStation 4. Both games will be launching in Spring 2020 in Japan. Falcom announced the two Crossbell games are getting a PS4 port to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and the whole Kiseki/Trails series has now exceeded 4.3 million copies sold worldwide.

Both Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai will be fully voiced. The skip mode from Trails of Cold Steel 1: Kai and Trails of Cold Steel 2:Kai will be present in these PS4 upgrades too. With one button press, it allows players to double the game’s speed during events and exploration, and quadruple the speed during battle.


The games will run at 60 FPS, the graphics were upgraded to HD, and the BGMs and the sound effects’ quality was improved. Lastly, multiple changes to the User Interface were made as well.

Falcom’s president Toshihiro Kondo first mentioned PS4 ports of Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki at the Kiseki Series 15th Anniversary Event in June 2019. Later on, in November 2019, Falcom again teased that PS4 “upgrades” of “past games” are coming soon. I’m slightly disappointed we aren’t getting actual remakes, as they kept the fact that whether it’ll be remasters or remakes blurry by only saying “upgrades”. But beggars can’t be choosers, considering how small and penniless Falcom is. Protagonist Lloyd Bannings and his Crossbell games are among the most beloved in the series, so it’s great to finally have them back.

Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki first launched on PSP in September 2010 and September 2011 respectively and never got English localizations, though there are some fan translations. Advanced, fully voiced ports named Zero no Kiseki: Evolution and Ao no Kiseki: Evolution were later released on PlayStation Vita in Japan. These new PS4 versions are based on these PS Vita ports.

DualShockers previously asked Toshihiro Kondo about these PS4 ports, and he told us Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai might get western releases this time. You can read the full interview here. The latest game released in the west is Trails of Cold Steel 3, which is available on PS4 and is coming to Switch in a few months. And we might get new announcements from NIS America at PAX South on January 17-19.

Screenshots for Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai were shared and can be found below. The games’ cover artworks were shared too.

We’ll cover the news about the new Kiseki game, Hajimari no Kiseki, in a separate article coming shortly, so stay tuned. Update: You can read all the details on Hajimari no Kiseki here.

Iyane Agossah

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