Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines Looks Similar to SOCOM and H-Hour

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines Looks Similar to SOCOM and H-Hour

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines is an upcoming tactical third-person shooter similar to SOCOM and being developed by a small German studio.

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines has been slowly growing in popularity since the accounts first tweet on January 22, 2020, showing concept art of an upcoming third-person shooter with a focus on tactical play.

As described on Reddit, the game seems to be inspired by the SOCOM titles and the still in development H-Hour and is being created by a small indie German studio, and by Christoph Bockhahn who is listed as the responsible body for data processing on the official website. According to LinkedIN, searches for Bockhahn also directs to CB-Productions, a company based out of Germany.

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines deems itself as a tactical shooter that combines third-person tactical elements with the shooting mechanics of a first-person shooter. Going by the media available, it seems as if the game switches to FPS when aiming down the sights. It’s also being created in the Unreal Engine 4 and will feature destructible environments with a dynamic time-of-day system.

There will be a single-player campaign following a Spec-Ops unit based on the NAVY Seal Team Six. In addition, competitive multiplayer will also be available with team-orientated game modes.

There is also an alpha test that’s due to take place sometime in 2020. Players can sign up to take part in the alpha of Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines by going here. Several commenters have drawn reference to H-Hour, another title that’s similar to SOCOM. The Zero Six Twitter account has been actively complimenting developers behind the H-Hour game, and has even mentioned inspirations.

Regarding platforms, the Twitter account has revealed that Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines will launch on PC first, with Xbox One and PS4 following suit.