Zero Time Dilemma Trophies Appear On Exophase

The trophy list for Zero Time Dilemma on PlayStation Vita has appeared on Exophase. There are thirty-three trophies total, split between a platinum, four gold, twelve silver, and sixteen bronze.

Half of the trophies require the player to complete and collect all quests, Cinema Files, clear all the fragments, and so on. The rest of the trophies appear to be one-offs such as rolling all ones with a dice roll, answer with the correct date, and other story related scenarios. Zero Time Dilemma will release on June 28, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, you can read the full trophy list below:


  • Zero Escape: Collect all trophies.


  • The Go-To Guy: Complete all quests.
  • The Final Decision: Finish CQD-END: 2.
  • SHIFTer: Clear all fragments.
  • Wrinkle in Time: Shoot that person.


  • In the Big Leagues Now: Complete 6 quests.
  • Mountain of Knowledge: Gain all Cinema Files.
  • All-Seeing Wisdom: Obtain all Quest Files.
  • Fly Me to the Moon: Finish C-END: 1.
  • What is Love? Don’t Hurt Me: Finish Q-END: 1.
  • It Came From Within: Finish Q-END: 2.
  • A Rabbit in My Future: Finish D-END: 1.
  • A Silver Lining: Finish D-END: 2.
  • C-Team Subject Report: Clear all C-Team fragments.
  • Q-Team Subject Report: Clear all Q-Team fragments.
  • D-Team Subject Report: Clear all D-Team fragments.
  • Bigger on the Inside: Successfully activate the Force Quit Box.


  • Still a Rookie: Complete 1 quest.
  • A Grain of Sand: Gain 1 Cinema File.
  • Crib Sheet: Obtain 1 Quest File.
  • Beginning of the End: Finish CQD-END: 1.
  • Gotta Go Back in Time: Go through your first bad ending.
  • Coming Up on 90 Minutes: Watch all the cinematics in a fragment.
  • Down the Hatch: Drink the real antidote.
  • Geronimo: Protect Akane and obtain the X-Passes.
  • Blessed by Lady Luck: All the dice roll 1s.
  • Tell Them What They Won: Correctly answer the Monty Hall Problem.
  • Virtual Reality: Live a happy virtual life.
  • What Are Ya, Chicken?: Resist temptation to press the button.
  • Calculated Risk: Shoot a blank, everyone lives.
  • Unforgettable: Answer with the correct date.
  • Schrödinger’s Cat: Successfully remove the helmet.
  • Virtue’s True Reward: No one presses the button, everyone lives.
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