Zeus’ Battlegrounds Promises Melee-Based Battle Royale Gameplay

Zeus’ Battlegrounds Promises Melee-Based Battle Royale Gameplay

Yet another free-to-play 100-player battle royale game, Zeus' Battlegrounds has a focus on melee combat, set in a time of Greek Gods and Olympus.

Today, a development studio by the name of Industry Games introduced their own entry in the battle royale genre—Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a melee-focused 100-player battle royale game, set in the time of Greek Gods. Facing off against genre staples such as Fortnite and PUBG, this latecomer has a lot to prove.

Similar to Heroic Leap’s Realm Royale, Zeus’ Battlegrounds is fantasy-based, and will give players mythical abilities. The art style is more gritty and realistic than Realm Royale and Fortnite, however. Play solo or in teams of four, while collecting armor and legendary weapons on the way.

This battle royale will also have a season format, with plenty of cosmetic items to earn. Zeus’ Battlegrounds touts a large world, while also teasing a steady stream of new arenas. Like PUBG, players can customize their character to be a man or a woman, with the game playable in either first or third-person perspective.

Interested players are able to sign up for the game’s beta on the official website. No release date is set for Zeus’ Battlegrounds, but take a look at the announcement trailer and some screenshots below.