Zombie Land Saga Joins Super Robot Wars Cross Omega

Zombie Land Saga Joins Super Robot Wars Cross Omega

Super Robot Wars stream: The zombie idols of Zombie Land Saga are the newest time-limited addition in Super Robot Taisen Cross Omega.

Bandai Namco is holding the December 2020 edition of the usual Nama Suparobo Channel stream, the official streams of the Super Robot Wars series, and this time, we learned Zombie Land Saga is the newest addition in mobile game Cross Omega.

The mecha appearing in Zombie Land Saga, Saga The Great 7, was designed by Masami Obari, who appeared on stream. A pretty cool trailer introducing the series was published as well.

Moreover, the game on December 5 is also adding C.C. in her pink Lancelot and a combination attack with C.C. and Lelouch for Lelouch’s birthday.

Gravion Zwei is also getting its second time-limited addition. With Sol Gravion and its ultimate move.

Zombie Land Saga first aired in October 2018. It features legendary idols resurrected as zombies to form the zombie idol group Franchouchou and promote Saga Prefecture in Japan. A sequel project titled Zombie Land Saga Revenge is also in development.

The stream is still ongoing. In particular, the second part of the stream will be a multiple hours long talk show with Super Robot Wars Producer Takanobu Terada and Scenarist Soichiro Morizumi. This is a follow up to the previous talk show. They’ll most notably play Shin Super Robot Taisen together. We’ll publish a summary at a later date.