Zombie Night Terror: Moonwalkers Update Launches with Exciting Trailer

Zombie Night Terror: Moonwalkers Update Launches with Exciting Trailer

Kill zombies in space with the Zombie Night Terror: Moonwalkers update for PC.

NoClip and Gambitious Digital Entertainment released the free Moonwalkers update for Zombie Night Terror today.

This update to the Lemmings-like game where players control a horde of zombies brings players into space, adding 10 brand new levels and six new enemies. You can check out everything the update adds below:

  • A new story across 10 new levels
  • 6 new enemies:
    – Kamikaze: These guys go BOOM!
    – Priests: These men of the cloth burn enemies & allies alike when zombies are in their path
    – Priestess: They invoke a protecting aura until out of danger
    – Ninja: A deadly new advisory that can climb wall and jump without taking damage
    Astronaut: These spacemen use futuristic weapons and can do real damage with lasers
    Astrogoliath – It doesn’t stop with the Astronauts though, as these guys are bigger, badder and more cosmonauty
  • 4 New deadly traps:
    – Exploding barrels
    – Plasma cannon
    – Steam
    – Time anomalies
  • New Low gravity levels
  • Buyers of the Deluxe Edition or the OST will receive 5 new music tracks not previously available separately
  • Improvements and bug fixes for the base campaign:
    – Balancing of some levels
    – New sound effects and audio improvement
    – Humans rises from the dead only when killed by zombies
    – Improved characters selection, mutations can now be applied while they are stepping over blocks

You can watch a trailer for the update below. Zombie Night Terror is currently available on PC.