Zombie RTS They Are Billions Gets Community Challenges and More in Update

Zombie RTS They Are Billions Gets Community Challenges and More in Update

The Swarms in They Are Billions are merciless, but with these updates, players can bring the heat right back and compete for a place on the leaderboards.

Numantian Games has recently released their latest title, They Are Billions, on Steam to much celebration from the indie gaming crowd. It’s made quite a stir for an indie game, mostly due to its strategic nature and ability to approach situations in a multitude of ways. As such, Numantian has updated the game to include community challenges.

They Are Billions is a real-time strategy game set in a Steampunk world infected with zombies announced back in June and released on December 12. In terms of a zombie outbreak, the game takes place after the end of civilization when there are far more zombies than humans. The player must keep the remaining population of their colony sustained while also holding back the billions of infected that are trying to get in.

Unlike many RTS games, They Are Billions is meant to be played very defensively. As such, your options of defense are quite numerous. With so many choices in your hands, community challenges could extend the game for quite a long time. The challenges change every week and every player has one chance to best them.

Update V0.6 adds more than just community challenges. There is also the option to play the game in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, Polish, and Brazillian Portuguese. Different gameplay features have been tweaked for ease of use, including making waypoints to customize the fine details of a unit’s path. This can be crucial, as babysitting a unit to make sure it walks around a writhing pile of zombies instead of through it can take away precious time you could be using defending another side of your base.

Old, abandoned towers can now be found on survival maps and can be reclaimed by your colony. Simply repair them and they will be reactivated to start its new job of mowing down zombies. Explosive barrels can also be found in ruins, which can be carried by soldiers and placed anywhere you’d like, like a strategic area you suspect will soon be overrun by the undead.

Some other changes have been made as well, including new music and in-game models. A full list of changes made can be found on their Steam Community pageThey Are Billions is available now on PC.