Zombies Monsters Robots Run Amok As Spiritual Successor to Mercenary Ops, Screenshots Released

on March 23, 2014 7:54 PM

Playing a game with zombies is fun, as is playing with monsters or robots. Now just imagine a game that combines all three.

This is what happens you play EnMasse Entertainment’s Zombies Monsters Robots, which was recently revealed as a free-to-play third-person shooter and a spiritual successor to Mercenary Ops.

You’ll play in a world that’s consumed by zombies, monster and robots. Now it’s up to you and seven other players to unite  to save the world through multiple modes like campaign and wave-based survival.

If you happen to be a rebel…like me, you can join the enemy and play competitively. The game will also feature a 16-player head-to-head mode that will see teams split up into monsters vs humans.

After the game has launched, EnMasse plans to release extra content entitled their “Dino Island” DLC which features an map populated with gun carrying dinosaurs.

Check out the gallery below for newly released screenshots.

Zombies Monsters Robots will release on PC via Steam Early Access starting in May.

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