Zombies Won’t be Returning in Crackdown 3; Glide Suits Might Come After Launch

Zombies Won’t be Returning in Crackdown 3; Glide Suits Might Come After Launch

Crackdown 3 Senior Art Director shares information on elements of Crackdown 2 and on the possibility of them returning in the new game.

In a discussion at Xbox’s E3 Showcase in Los Angeles, Dave Johnson, senior art director on Crackdown 3 shared some new information about the game with us. Most notably, he revealed that some elements that fans of Crackdown 2 may be familiar with will not be returning.

When asked whether or not we would see the return of glide suits in Crackdown 3, Johnson said the following:

I wouldn’t say no; we’re always open to adding new things. I think it’s probably one of the things that will be added later if we do end up doing it.

While Johnson didn’t write off the possibility of glide suits appearing later on as potential DLC, it sounds like it is something that for sure won’t be in Crackdown 3 at launch. Another notable element of Crackdown 2 was the zombie enemy types that many fans ended up disliking. When asked about the potential of zombies returning in Crackdown 3, Johnson simply said:

Nope, no zombies this time.

While glide suits remain a possibility, the appearance of zombies seems pretty cut and dried which most players will probably be happy to hear about.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the future as we were able to go hands-on with Crackdown 3 while at the event. We will have a gameplay preview for our time spent with the game soon.

If you want to see more about the game, check out some lovely 4K screenshots, and a new trailer from yesterday’s press conference.