ZombiU: Escape from Buckingham Palace Gameplay Video Published

on September 2, 2012 3:28 PM

The WiiU just got a little scarier: a new gameplay video is out for ZombiU, featuring the game’s use of the WiiU’s special controller. Nintendo has rarely been praised for advanced graphics (with most of its games pertaining to “cutesy” subjects), but ZombiU looks pretty darned good so far. The lighting is well-done from what we can see in the video; it isn’t the new-age grunge, but it’s also not over-saturated.

By using the WiiU remote, players will be able to interactively manage their inventory, shoot with the aid of a sniper scope, investigate messes with a blacklight scanner, and much more.

ZombiU will be released as a WiiU exclusive sometime during 2012.

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