ZombiU Was “Not Even Close” to Profitable, No Plans for a Sequel

ZombiU Was “Not Even Close” to Profitable, No Plans for a Sequel

Those that are holding their breath for a sequel of the Wii U Exclusive ZombiU may want to start breathing, because it simply isn’t coming, as explained quite curtly by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in an interview on Gamesindustry International.

ZombiU, one of the most popular launch titles for the system with players, was not profitable, he says. Not even close. As such, he says, there are no plans (or even desire) for a sequel.

It was, in fact, because of that game’s performance that Ubisoft decided to make Rayman Legends a multiplatform game.

While Ubisoft has gone on record multiple times swearing that their support for the Wii U is ensured and solid, they may want to find ways to make money out of it, because as of now things don’t exactly look good. From what Guillemot says, it seems that the platform has time until Christmas to prove its worth.

We must find a way to ensure the creativity of those games could have a big enough audience. We hope it will take off. At the moment, we’ve said ‘let’s do through Christmas and see where we are from there.

To be fair ZombiU was a great game, but it wasn’t exactly the kind of title you’d see perfectly aligned with a Nintendo console’s primary target and customer base. I’m actually quite amazed that someone at Ubisoft really thought that it’d be anywhere close to profitable to begin with. Live and learn…