Zumba Fitness Core To Release October 16th

on September 19, 2012 8:50 PM

Majesco Entertainment today announced that Zumba Fitness Core will be dancing its way to shelves on October 16th. The sequel to the hit dance game will feature 40 new songs and dance routines, with 33 international dance styles designed to tone and sculpt the player’s body as they enjoy dancing their way to fitness. Music will range from current hits to “era classics”, including re-recorded songs and all-new original fusion tracks.

Dance your butt off to hits like Enrique Iglesias’s Bailamos or take it easy with Bob Marley’s Jammin. As instructors guide you through 45 instructional dance routines, you will see why the unlikely series has become such a hit. Get your dance shoes ready. Zumba Fitness Core will release on the Wii and for Xbox Kinect. A playable demo version of the game is available on Xbox right now as well.

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