Zynga COO Gets a Game Over in Game Duties

Zynga COO Gets a Game Over in Game Duties

It has been announced that Chief Operating Officer of Zynga, John Schappert, has been stripped of his duties that saw him overseeing game development. This comes after a rocky past few weeks when Zynga’s stock has plummeted and growth in the company started slowing after the announcement of Farmville 2.

Schappert’s duties will now fall to Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus. Supposedly he is also being blamed internally within the company for the under performance after Zynga paid about $42.8 million to lure him away from EA.


Zynga has taken a 71 percent drop in its stock price since the IPO. The problems have forced the company to begin taking mobile software development more seriously and work with designers in the creation of smartphone and tablet apps. By focusing on mobile, Zynga will be able to reduce its reliance on Facebook.

With all the problems at Facebook and Zynga one has to wonder “Is it the end for social games?” Personally I do not feel social games are or need to go away but they need to change and shovelware games are going to fail. The current social game setting is beginning to seem like the Wii landscape where only the best designed and well received games will succeed.

Only time can tell what will happen but things are not looking so hot for Zynga.