Zynga Still Owns Your Soul

Ladies and Gentlemen, Zynga has done it again. Their latest game is CityVille, which is like FarmVille but in a city. I think…I’ve never played any of their games. That doesn’t stop me from receiving invites to a lot of them every day, and my friends aren’t the only ones. The game set records for the company by setting a record of players in the first two weeks, and has recently passed 100 Million users. No, that’s not a typo. 100 MILLION. The argument could be made (and will be by many people) that they’re just marketing to the lowest common denominator, but I make the counter-argument that it’s WORKING. Zynga is now the unchallenged King of free, online casual games, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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John Colaw

John is what you might call something of a badass. When he's not writing about games or playing them, he's playing in the Kansas City band "Documentary" and drinking as many different beers as often as he can. He's a huge comic nerd in the best sense of the term, with a particular love for the Creator Owned movement.

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